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Pellet Mill for sale - Granulation unit for pellet production from wood and biomass. If you want cheap-buy from China, if you want design-buy from Italy, if you want quality-buy from us!
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What to do with your left over sawdust from your joinery? Make high quality pellets for your own heating or sell the for extra profit. This is what they are doing in a  company high in Alps.

We make pellets from biomass what about other industrial waste PVC? Yes, we can just watch the video a see high quality pellets and a huge output. Please call us for other application request.

There is so much biomass to be turned into pellets like this waste from coconut husk on the video we also tested coco waste, coffee husk, olive kernel just ask.

You may wonder what is the difference between a 2.000 EUR pellet press from China and a proper pellet mill line made in the EU just have a look and buy the right think.