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Pellet Mill for sale - Granulation unit for pellet production from wood and biomass. If you want cheap-buy from China, if you want design-buy from Italy, if you want quality-buy from us!
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Pellet Mill LM 772

Our new LM 772 pellet mill is almost identical to the very popular smaller brother pellet mill but with more than twice the production capacity and an improved design.

As the smaller version, this pellet mill also has all the necessary features which are needed for a hassle free and successful pelleting process.

The LM 772 pellet mill consists of a precise feeding hopper, an adjustable liquid pump, a premium quality pellet press, a sorting and cooling apparatus.

For more information, please contact us. We offer equipment for pellet mills.

Technical features Pellet mill LM 772
Production rates per hr
from 10-370 kg/hr (depends on the mat.)
Complete unit weight
570 Kg
Approximate space required
4 Square Meters
Height of unit
2.2 Meters
Power for full unit
19 kW 400V / 60A and 230V / 16A
Safety certificates
Standard working environment
between +5 and +35 Celsius
Pellet size
3.5mm, 6mm or 8mm
Requirements for the feed particle size
Requirements for the feed moisture level
up to 12%
Types of biomass
80 different kinds at present
Typical biomass
sawdust, straw, grass, paper
Types of specialist dies
4 for each diameter